About Us

Our Nursery

800x 134Native Garden Nursery is situated in Makaraka, just outside Gisborne City, next to the Showgrounds. Owned and operated by Lana and Nigel Hope since 1995, the Nursery occupies 1.2ha of land.

All of our plants are containerised and grown either in an outside hardening-off area or shade house, all starting their lives in propagation houses.

Our sales area is open to the public. You will find it well laid out and informative, with master labels providing information and pricing for every plant. An experienced team member is always available to assist and you are welcome to spend time viewing plants and gathering information at your leisure.

Ecosourcing – our guidelines

Principles of Ecosourcing:

  • Collecting seed from an area where those seedlings will be planted back into
  • Collecting seed from natural plant populations
  • Collecting from a range of trees and plants for each species


  • To preserve the ecology of an area
  • To maintain local biodiversity
  • Using seed from plants that belong to an area; for climate, soil type, plant associations and natural regeneration of forest – it is working with what is already proven by nature

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Our Customers

Our plants are supplied to a wide range of customers - including the home gardener, landscapers and landscape designers, councils, Department of Conservation and revegetation projects.