“Knowing what you want to achieve gives you the best measure of success”

Effective Planting Projects need…


  • Site Analysis – size, soil, climate, gradient, seasonal extremes
  • What do you want to achieve? – beautification, privacy, function such as erosion control, biodiversity, water filtering, shelter
  • Plant species choice and plant lay-out  – work with a landscape designer, revegetation specialist, ask local council, Native Garden Nursery, neighbours
  • Budget & resources available – funding, own budget, community groups, Trees That Count
  • Ordering plants – Native Garden Nursery
  • Online resources        

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  • Timing – organising what you need ahead of time
  • Site preparation – pre-plant spot spray, weed clearance, fencing, stock removal
  • Labour & planting – liaise with nursery on pick up schedule
  • See Planting Information


vegetation planning2

(P) Planning, (L) Logistics, (A) Aftercare