Tamed Wilderness

Recreating a patch of New Zealand’s wilderness in your backyard is entirely possible. It just takes a devoted effort to focus on the one theme and not be tempted to add in ‘bits and pieces’ of your cottage garden, potted colour or roses. Lovely as they are, the Tamed Wilderness does not need accessories – it is quite stunning on its own.

Use nature as your guide. Look at how textures and forms are put together in the wild and scale it down to suit your site. Simplicity is the key. Use some groups, some individual specimens.

The Tamed Wilderness concept has not used any hybrid or cultivar species but these may be added if preferred. Mulching with stones, bark, leaves or a combination will reduce maintenance, increase moisture levels and set off the whole area with a natural floor. Larger rocks strategically placed can add another feature and blend into the ‘natural’ look. A boardwalk or pathway lined with small rocks and filled with stones/pebbles can become the ‘tamed’ portion of your wilderness area.