Ecosourcing – our guidelines

Principles of Ecosourcing:

  • Collecting seed from an area where those seedlings will be planted back into
  • Collecting seed from natural plant populations
  • Collecting from a range of trees and plants for each species


  • To preserve the ecology of an area
  • To maintain local biodiversity
  • Using seed from plants that belong to an area; for climate, soil type, plant associations and natural regeneration of forest – it is working with what is already proven by nature

Our ecosourcing practices

  • Sourcing our seed from known patches of virgin or long-standing trees and plants
  • Sourcing our seed from areas less likely to be polluted by introduced species
  • Sourcing our seed from several plants/trees of each species to provide diversity – where possible
  • Seeds collected from plants/areas that do not comply with the above will be recorded as per our records policy and the information will reflect their source
  • Recording collection sources at time of collection, for storage, propagation and throughout growing with our 4-digit numbering system
  • Labelling of source throughout the growing stages
  • Being pro-active in knowledge of local species, seeking out different species and promoting species that are specific to our region
  • Guidelines from the Ecosourcing Code of Practice & Ethics


Ecosourcing districts

  • Turanga
  • Waiapu
  • Tiniroto, Motu, Waioeka
  • Waihua, Mahia
  • Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay (on request)


Not all clients request ecosourcing and by default most will get eco-sourced material due to our commitment to the process.  General nursery stock will be from the Turanga & Waiapu districts with less amounts from the Tiniroto, Motu, Waioeka districts.

Ecosourcing for specific areas requires working up to two years ahead of planting time with a client, for us to have access to seed sources at appropriate times and to grow the required numbers of plants.  We can work with clients on these timelines and expectations.  Our experienced staff is available to gather seed from any location.